Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free. We do expect group members to purchase the book we use which is approximately $25.  An e-book is also available.

To protect confidentiality and to ensure that our group members have the safety to share openly, we do not permit observers.

We recognize that the journey of a loss survivor varies for each person. We want to be sure that you will be well served in our groups.

Each group meets one day a week (except holidays). We have several groups that are ongoing, and usually on different nights of the week.

Yes, we have had group members whose losses ranged from 3 days ago to 33 years ago.

We limit the number of signups for each group. Not every member shows up at each meeting, so the number of people is usually fifteen or fewer.  We break out into smaller groups when possible to make sharing easier.

We need to have two members of our team speak with you by phone to ensure that you are well served in the group. We also ask that you attend regularly or communicate with us about your absence. If a group member does not attend three times in a row and doesn't communicate, we must drop them from the group to make that space available for another person. If dropped, the person is welcome to re-start the process to join.

Yes, for some groups at some times. Details will be shared when you are signed up for a group.

We discuss topics such as the grief process, stigma, what to expect going forward, and spiritual questions such as "Where was God?" and "Why did this happen?" from a Christian perspective. Our message is consistently that God is faithful, even in this darkest of times.

No, we are not licensed professional counselors and the groups should not be considered therapy. We provide this group as a Christian ministry to those who are walking the path of suicide loss.

Though we work with and through local churches, we are a separate 501(c)3 corporation. We do not require affiliation with any church. We do utilize the Bible in our groups, and do not focus on doctrinal differences.

Yes, many of our groups meet only online. Details are provided when you are signed up for a group.

We deeply appreciate your prayers, volunteering, and financial support. You can donate via the button at the top right of any webpage, and you can volunteer via our contact page.

We invite you to sign up for our newsletter.