Who we are

Christian Association for Survivors of Suicide Loss, Inc. staff and volunteers are all believers in Jesus Christ. We are dedicated together to erasing the stigma of suicide, particularly in the Christian community, and providing loving support as taught in Matthew 7:12, John 15:12, James 1:22 and 2 Corinthians 1:4.


Joy Bird Osborn

Rev. Joy Bird Osborn, B.A, PMP®
Executive Director
Board of Directors

Terry A. Osborn

Terry A. Osborn, Ph.D.
Member, Board of Directors

James Cencebaugh

Rev. James Cencebaugh, B.A.
Director of Pastoral Care
Board of Directors

Advisory Board & Volunteers

Kimberly Baltzley

Kimberly Baltzley is Director of Care Ministry.

Karine Cencebaugh

Karine Cencebaugh serves as Event Planner for the organization. 

Laura Hendrix

Laura Hendrix serves as the Data Management Specialist for the organzation.

Kelsey Lowe

Kelsey Lowe is a workforce manager in the private sector.  She is a member of the podcast team.

Lloyd Lowe

LLoyd Lowe is our Chief Technology officer.

Kim Milewski

Kim Milewski is an accountant in the private sector and a member of the podcast team.

Kevin Osborn

Kevin Osborn, PMP®, is a Full Stack Integration Implementor in the private sector.

Dale Thompson

Dale Thompson, LMHC, is in private practice.

Beth Zipperer

Beth Zipperer is a senior administrative assistant in the public sector and a member of the podcast team.